04 Feb

People are divided into two types. The first is waiting for the weekend to cook something for the family. Second, the weekend is scheduled by the minute and you don’t want to spend extra time cooking. Let's imagine that both scenarios are suitable for you. 

Therefore, on Saturday we will be happy to spend the day in the kitchen, and on Sunday we will choose simple but delicious recipes. What will be included in such a menu for the weekend is in this review. In weekend you can visit  Indiaas restaurant Amsterdam.

Saturday breakfast: lazy and beautifulAfter an active working week, I want to sleep. So we have breakfast around noon. While everyone wakes up after a long sleep, there is time for experiments in the kitchen.What to cook breakfast from, which is not a pity for time?

 If you prefer eggs, try replacing the usual omelet with a gourmet version with sun-dried tomatoes and leeks. Egg kokot is prepared in small baking dishes - one serving in each. This, by the way, is convenient if there are children in the house who prefer a sweet breakfast to an egg. Cook for adults, only they will appreciate such an unusual meal.

Cut vegetables into a cocotte maker and crack an egg on top, it takes 10 minutes. Another 20 dishes will be baked. Let's not waste time and prepare breakfast for the children (aka dessert for ourselves).It will be a smoothie bowl - a trendy and very healthy food. A thick milkshake with berries and fruits served in a deep bowl like soup.In addition to the unusual appearance, another valuable advantage of a smoothie bowl is that it can be made from anything. 

Fruit, as a rule, can be found in every kitchen, and a bag of frozen berries is in store in the freezer for such a case. For the breakfast of one family, a handful of strawberries and a couple of bananas is enough. For greater benefit, replace milk with yogurt, add chia seeds.Saturday breakfast should be beautiful. We serve the table, decorate plates with food, and finally cheer up, we cook cappuccino with lush foam. 

A large mug of drink encourages unhurried communication with family and planning a weekend.
Dinner on a grand scaleWeekday lunch is a container of food warmed up in an office microwave. Or maximum lunch in the cafe closest to work. There is no way to cook the first, second, and compote during the week, so we will plan a full table for Saturday.First, of course, soup. 

Chicken noodles and cream soup are easy and quick to prepare - save them for Tuesday with Wednesday. But if you are bored without borscht, pickle, or sherpa, it's time to cook them at home.
AdviceOn a day off, serve the first course in a beautiful tureen. A lunch that is not poured from a pan will look much more aesthetically pleasing. 

A linen tablecloth, a neat ladle, and a gravy boat with cold sour cream - let this become your Shabbat family tradition.You don't want to leave this table. Especially on the weekend. Therefore, after the soup, we put the second dish on the table. 

For example, Italian pasta with aromatic sauce.Don't forget to compote! And for dessert, you can make cake pops - original sweets-cakes on a stick. Involve the children in cooking: Saturday is the time to learn new things.Dinner on Saturday: one fish - two dishesAfter a hearty meal with lots of protein in the evening, you want something lighter. For example, fish baked in the oven. 

If you take a non-gutted one in a deli, you will, of course, have to tinker with it. Therefore, on weekdays, not everyone reaches such dishes.The easiest marinade for fish: vegetable oil, pepper, salt, and lemon juice. If your Saturday evening is conducive to culinary experiments, prepare an interesting sauce: mustard or Asian. 

Garnish with classic rice or fresh vegetable salad.By the way, if there were too many fish, make quiche from the leftovers - a hearty open pie originally from France. The dish is made in two stages:knead and bake the simplest unleavened dough from flour, water, butter, and eggs;add the filling and bring to readiness.Housewives love quiche for a variety of toppings. Here are simple recipes with photos from products that are almost always at home:salmon + broccoli ;sardines + olives ;salmon + roquefort .

If there is no fish left, prepare quiche with other fillings. Peppers, mushrooms, chicken - this pie is good because it can be baked with any food lying around in the refrigerator. Even if there are very few of them. And you don't have to run to the grocery store!You can choose recipes in this collection.

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